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Names of angels and their duties

In the Catholic Church, three archangels are mentioned by name in its canon of scripture: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.Raphael appears in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, where he is described as "one of the seven angels who stand ready and enter before the glory of the lord of spirits", a phrase recalled in Revelation 8:2–6.. Some Eastern Orthodox Churches, exemplified.

Araton – one of seven ruling angels over the provinces of heaven. Ariel – “lion of God;” angel of protection. Armisael – angel of the womb. Asariel – “whom God has bound;” rules the moon. Asroilu guardian angel of the seventh heaven. Astanphaeus – one of the seven angels of the presence; third gate guardian.. One of the primary roles of an angel is to provide comfort to those in need. As ministering spirits, angels have the power to heal pain and bring a sense of calm to the troubled. We often call.

Here are nine types of angels to know. Contents Seraphim Cherubim (Plural of Cherub) Thrones Dominions or Dominations Virtues Powers Principalities Archangels Angels 9. Seraphim Seraphim means "the fiery ones." It is the plural of the word "seraph." These angels are mentioned in the Bible as having faces, hands and feet.

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** Munkar and Nakeer - They are the two angels in charge of questioning people in their graves about their faith. ** Ridwan and Malik - They watch over Heaven and Hell. The custodian of Heaven is called Ridwan, while that of Hell is named Malik. Hell has nineteen angels who watch over it. "Over it (Hell) are nineteen (angels)" (Qur'an 74:30).

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Duties of Angels. Angels have various duties, with each having a well defined role. The Qur’an says: “And there is not any among us, except that has a known position. And we are indeed the ones who glorify Allah.”. (Qur’an 37:164-166) Angels thus teach us the benefits of specialization. So, in the Islamic society, some members must.

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